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Made by Cheese lovers for cheese lovers. 


Lake Mills, Wisconsin (population 5,708) is nestled in the heart of America’s Dairyland. Here, at the home of Crystal Farms, cheese is more than a favorite food. It’s a way of life. Which is why we put so much care into every slice, shred and block of cheese we put on your table. From starting with only the finest ingredients to carefully inspecting the finished product, we make sure our products are consistently satisfying. This commitment to quality has been a part of our culture from our humble beginnings to today.

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For the love of cheese.

Just how passionate are we about our favorite dairy product and yours? Well, here are a few tidbits about Crystal Farms and our fellow Wisconsinites that should demonstrate our devotion.

That’s one powerful craving.

In a recent survey, cheese was the number one food craving – even beating chocolate and french fries, which aren’t exactly slouches in the craving department. Check out our favorite recipes to satisfy your hunger for all things cheesy.1

 On, Wisconsin!

Wisconsin produces over 600 varieties of cheese – and more award-winning varieties than any other state or country. Crystal Farms’ varieties include everything from go-to favorites like Wisconsin Cheddar, Swiss and Marble Jack to savory flavors like Muenster, Gouda and Roasted Red Pepper Jack.2

You can't rush Cheddar.

All Crystal Farms Wisconsin Cheddar is aged a minimum of 60 days for maximum flavor. That's a long time to wait for a grilled cheese, but well worth it.

 ​Yes, we count the holes in our Swiss.
No, we’re not crazy.

The size and the number of holes in Swiss cheese (called “eyes” by cheesemakers) are a tell-tale sign of quality. So we carefully inspect our Swiss to make sure it’s a slice above the rest.

Holy cow!

There are over 1.2 million cows in Wisconsin producing an average of 21,436 pounds of milk each year, 90% of which gets turned into delicious cheese. If all those stats make you hungry, join us on Facebook and Pinterest for lots of cheesy recipes and menu ideas.3

 Worn with pride

The Cheese is such a big part of our culture in Wisconsin, we even wear it on our heads. The infamous “Cheesehead” hat worn by Wisconsin sports fans first appeared in 1987 and is trademarked and manufactured by Foamation, Inc. of St. Francis, WI.4

Small town roots. Big time quality.

Crystal Farms has its roots in the dreams of two immigrant families who came to this country to make a better life. Along the way, they also ended up making better food. In the 1920s, Nathan Friedell migrated from Russia and started Nathan’s Produce Company. In the '30s, Julius Rosenberg also came to America from Russia and started his own egg business.

Through their dedication to hard work and quality, both companies thrived and eventually merged in the 1970s – selling eggs, cheese and other dairy products under the Crystal Farms brand. Today, we’re proud to continue that commitment to wholesome, delicious Crystal Farms cheese.