Our Story

When it comes to cooking with cheese, we have a simple philosophy:

We’re the cheese brand for those with a reputation for bringing the unexpected.

Those who can make a dish pop with an open fridge and an open mind. The legends of the potluck.

And you can always count on Crystal Farms to bring as much to the table as you do.

Welcome To Cheesetopia

Here in Lake Mills, Wisconsin, the home of Crystal Farms, cheese is more than a favorite food. It’s a way of life. Which is why we put so much care into every slice, shred and block of cheese we put on your table.

Humble Beginnings

In the 1920s, Nathan Friedell migrated from Russia and started Nathan’s Produce Company. In the ’30s, Julius Rosenberg also came to America from Russia and started his own egg business.

Becoming Crystal Farms

Through dedication to hard work and quality, both companies thrived and eventually merged in the 1970s selling eggs, cheese and other dairy products under the Crystal Farms brand. Today, we’re proud to continue that commitment to wholesome, delicious Crystal Farms cheese.

What could be better than making cheese?

Making the world a better  place


Sharing Is Caring

Cheese is an excellent source of protein which many people living in poverty are deficient in. We donate an average of 30,000 cases of cheese annually to food shelves and charities across the country.

Supporting Our Community

We believe in supporting our community and spreading the love of cheese. That’s why we donated a year’s supply of cheese and butter to All Square, a grilled cheese restaurant and companion Institute. All Square helps formerly incarcerated individuals by employing them in the restaurant and providing professional development through its 12-month Institute.

Our commitment to quality lives on

From starting with the finest ingredients to carefully inspecting the finished product, we make sure our products are consistently satisfying. This commitment to quality has been a part of our culture from our humble beginnings to today.

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Interested in joining our team? Working here is more than a career, it’s a calling.

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